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Here is where you’ll find information about deadlines, pricing, and other crucial conference components. Please explore these links to find the answers to frequently asked questions, and be sure to reach out to our Director of Delegations, Eli Metzner if you have unresolved concerns.

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Dates & Deadlines ^

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Pricing & Forms^

Delegation fee (school fee): $100
Delegate fee (per delegate): $90

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As always YMC can help subsidize the cost of the delegate fee, the hotel fee, and, as of last year, a food stipend for those students in need.  Please let us know if you think that your students might qualify. For now, questions regarding financial aid should be sent to the current Treasurer, Kianna Pierson at

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Financial Aid ^

Delegates can apply for financial aid to cover the delegation fee and the cost of lodging at either of our partner hotels during the conference. Delegates should fill out the financial aid application and select what types of aid they would like to apply for. Delegates are encouraged to use the further information section to explain their desire to attend Yale Model Congress. Forms must be submitted by 11:59 pm on October 6 for Round I applications and October 20 for Round II applications. If you do not receive confirmation that I have received your application, you will not be considered for financial aid. Delegates who apply for financial aid receive an additional two weeks to pay their delegate fee.

Financial aid decision process

Yale Model Congress will decide financial aid awards by 11:59 pm on October 9 for Round I applications and October 23 for Round II applications and notify applicants and their advisors of our decision by email. Decisions are based on demonstrated need, desire to attend the conference, and prospective benefits of attendance. Depending on the delegate’s application, we may award partial or full delegate fee waivers and may cover up to the full cost of a delegate’s lodging (1/4*3 nights’ stay at the Omni).

Receiving financial aid

Delegate fee waivers are processed immediately. Delegates receiving financial aid to cover the cost of accommodations will have their accommodations cost paid directly to the hotel at which their delegation is staying. Delegates receiving accommodations aid will need to communicate with the treasurer Kianna Pierson at to confirm which hotel to direct their aid to.


Accomodations ^

Accommodations for Yale Model Congress are provided by the Omni Hotel and the New Haven Hotel.

We have rooms set aside for you and your delegations to book at both hotels. 

Please follow the following links to reserve your rooms. When booking, please mention that you’re with Yale Model Congress in order to receive one of our set-aside rooms at our discounted rate. Rooms at the Omni Hotel are available for $184/night for single/double occupancy, and $204/night for triple/quad occupancy. Rooms at the New Haven Hotel, although one block further, are available at $154/night. These prices do not reflect tax. 

Omni at Yale Hotel                                                                               New Haven Hotel
155 Temple Street                                                                             229 George Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06510                                                      New Haven, Connecticut 06510

Phone: (203) 772-6664                                                                     Phone: (203) 498-3100
Fax: (203) 974-6777                                                                           Fax: (203) 498-0911
Website: Omni at Yale                                                                     Website: New Haven Hotel


Forms and Documents

Hotel Reservations: 

  • To book rooms at the New Haven Hotel, please contact the hotel's Sales Coordinator, Iswonette Bernard directly at (203) 498-3142 or Reservations must be confirmed by October 31st.
  • To book rooms at the Omni Hotel, reach out to the Omni directly by emailing There will be forms provided to fill out, which will need to be completed by October 31st.